Benefits of a steel roof

Benefits of steel roofing

So your home is in need of a new roof and your trying to decided if you should go with shingles again or steel.  As your start to research steel roofs there is a plethora of information out there.  So lets keep it simple, here are the 6 top benefits of a steel roof. 

1) Lasts a Lifetime

            It has been proven time and time again that steel roofs will last 100 years or more. There are many substrates of steel but most are covered with an alloy of zinc and aluminum.  The more ounces of zince per square foot the better the material,  giving you a product that will last a lifetime.  Therefore, you will never have to replace the roof on your home again.  Steel roofs come with a substantial non prorated warranty.  Every other roofing product out there comes with a prorated warranty because the life expectancy is LESS than the warranty length. 

2) Fire Resistant

            Every homeowner wants the best product available when it comes to protecting their home and what's in it.  Steel roofs have a Class 4 fire resistant rating due to the material it is made of. This means that your steel roof gives your home a better chance of surviving or slowing down a fire.   Asphalt shingles will go up in flames like paper and poof everything is gone.  

3) Durability 

           Steel roofs are more resistant to weather than any other building material; including wind, hail, ice, and snow.  They have a Class 4 impact resistance rating.  Meaning that during testing a 2 inch steel ball was dropped from 20 feet onto a sample of steel in the same spot twice it did not crack it. So that means during a hail storm there is no need to worry.  They can resist wind up to 140 mph or more.  This is very impressive, especially since even in the weakest wind storms asphalt shingles go flying.   Steel roofs also allow the snow to slide off the roof so there is no extra weight on the structure of the home and no ice and water build up.  Not to mention no more shoveling off your roof in the middle of winter.  Not to worry there are snowguards to place over entryways and above garage doors to keep the snow from falling off in those important areas.  

4) Resale Value

           Nothing says "buy me" like a guaranteed product that will never have to be replaced.  Potential homeowners can rest assured that there is no structural damage or no need to replace the roof on their new home.  

5) Eco Friendly 

           Did you know that the National Association of Home Builder's Research Center states that 20 billion pounds of shingles go into our landfills each year!  Many steel roofs contain 25% recycled material.  This level of recycled content allows steel roofs to be listed as a "green" and recycled contents product.  Steel roofing material is 100% recyclable.  So if there is any excess from construction or a demolition of a steel roof that material will not end up in a land fill.  

6) Energy Efficient 

           There are many energy benefits to a steel roof that will save you money in energy expenses.  Steel roofs are an excellent insulator which decreases heating energy used to heat the home.  Due to the pigments used in the paint finishes steel roofs have a higher reflectivity rating and heat dissipation rating than conventional roofing material.  This will decrease cooling energy used to keep your home cool. Altogether homeowners can save 25% annually on energy bills. 


Just these 6 benefits alone are worth investing in a steel roof.  Although the initial cost may be more, it is actually more cost effective to have a steel roof since there will be no reason to replace again, its guaranteed, and no costly repairs due to mother nature.  Not to mention due to the above benefits insurances companies are lowering homeowner's premiums when investing in a steel roof.  Still not sure? Or would like more information fill out the "contact us" form on our web page or give us a call.  

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