Comparing Estimates

comparing estimates with equal products

As spring approaches the procrastination of replacing your old roof make itself relevant.    Of course you will start with getting quotes to see how much it may cost.  So you call all the nearest contractors and as all the quotes arrive it may be overwhelming.  The range in prices may even be ridiculous.  I can tell you this for a fact... steel roofs are not all the same.  Not even close!  There are so many types of steel roofs out there it is amazing.  So when comparing these quotes make sure you are comparing "apples to apples".  Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Steel: not all steel is created equal.  There are many substrates and gauges.  Make sure the gauge is listed on the quote and do not be afraid to ask who the manufacturer is.  You can even go to the manufacturers website and research what exactly their product is made of.  Some keywords to look for in a high quality steel is Galvalume.  It is one of the highest quality substrates available.  You can also look for the Zinc level in the substrate.  The higher level of zinc; the higher the quality of steel.  The gauge of the steel is very important as well.  You do not want anything less than 26 gauge.  This is the lowest gauge that will qualify you for a Class 4 impact rating and you will not receive most insurance discounts with out the Class 4 rating. 
  • Paint: There are a zillion types of paints and coatings for steel.  So to make is simple start with the warranty.  The warranty of the paint coating needs to have a NON PRORATED warranty that lasts a minimum of 20 years. If it comes with a 100% non prorated warranty this means it will withstand the test of time and mother nature's elements. Some keywords you want to see in the description of paint coatings is Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000.  These coatings consist of 70% PVDF (fluoropolymer) and are the only two manufactuered in the US. They both have an unsurpassed resistance to fading and chalking.  Which means your roof will stay the color it was the day it was installed.  
  • System:  there are two main steel roofing systems and they are not the same.  There are exposed fastener systems and non exposed fastener system.  The exposed fastener system is just sheets of steel, which are usually of low quality, that are fastened/screwed to the roof.  These systems are vulnerable to leaks due to the exposed fasteners and low quality steel.  The higher quality steel system will have non exposed fasteners and have a system that locks the steel panels together.  The keywords to look for are snap lock, mechanical seam, standing seam.  These words indicate a non exposed fastener system.  This will also guarantee a leak free roof that lasts a lifetime. 

These are just a few of the main key points when comparing your quotes. Also the ones that will give you the most "bang for your buck".  Make sure to do your research on the materials before you commit to a contractor as steel roofs should last a lifetime when all key components are combined.  We are always here at Schley Steel Roofing to answering any questions.  Feel free to also read our blog "Benefits of a Steel Roof" for more important material information. 


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