What is chalking and fading?

Painted panels that faded

Chalking occurs when environmental conditions cause degradation of the resin (paint coating). Contributors to the degradation: ultraviolet rays, acid rain, and pollution.  As the resin (paint coating) degrades, it takes on a white appearance, commonly called chalk.  Kynar 500 finishes offer the strongest resistance to chalking of any pain system on the market.

Fading occurs when the environment attacks the pigment portion of the paint system.  As a metal panel is continually exposed to elements, it will lose more and more of its original color.  Kynar 500 incorporates the highest quality ceramic pigments available for proven resistance against the fading phenomena.

At Schley Steel Roofing our steel is coated with Kynar 500.  It is the best in its class.  We truly want you to have a roof that will last a lifetime so we only use the highest quality products available.  

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