Will it cost more than shingles?

cost of steel roofs compared to shingles

Since there is no other roofing material that lasts as long as steel roofing there is really no true comparison, therefore, the initial cost is more.   However, steel roofs provide a long lasting, highly economical roof that won't need major, if any, maintenance for decades to come.  Conventional roofs only last 10-12 years at most.  Which leads to you replacing a conventional roof more than once in your lifetime. Steel roofs are also extremely energy efficent.  They will save you money in cooling energy due to its reflectivity.  Keep in mind when deciding between metal and asphalt shingles that you are not only paying more for a higher quality product but you are also paying for a professional installation that requires specialized skill, expertise, and equipment. This technical installation process takes patience and experience to make sure it is done properly.  At Schley Steel Roofing we have knowledgeable crews that follow strict installation guidelines and use state of the art equipment that combined is an important factor in the life of your roof.  

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