24 Gauge

24 gauge Copper Penny Steel Roof

If your on this website you are considering a steel roof and probably wondering what the benefits are over shingles.  Steel Roofing has many attractive features.  Its architectural appeal, variety of profiles, textures and colors, flexibility and durability make it popular for residential and commercial roofs.  Steel roofing is known for its resistance to weather and climate.  This includes wind, hail, ice and snow. It has a Class 4 impact resistance rating and a Class A fire resistance rating.  It is also extremely low weight.  It is almost one-third to as little as one-eighth of roof shingles.  This reduces the dynamic loading of your home or commercial structure.  Steel roofing is also considered a " green" product and any waste of on our projects, which is minimal, is completely recycled.  If any demolition or renovation is done to your roof all steel material can be recycled and not thrown in a landfill.  As well as a "green" material it is also very energy efficient.  Steel roofing has the highest reflectivity rating and heat dissipation rating out of all roofing materials.  This results in you saving more money on energy costs. 

At Schley Steel Roofing the metal substrate we use is an important factor in regards to panel longevity and performance.  So when it came to choosing a steel distributor we wanted one that has a national reputation for high quality products and exceptional service.  Our distributor, McElroy Metal,  uses GALVALUME as its steel substrate.  It is coated with an alloy of zinc and aluminium.  Galvalume substrates are proven to provide a longer service life over galvanized.  

Our steel is available in a variety of popular colors that utilize Valspar's Fluropon Kynar 500 paint systems.  Kynar 500 paint systems have a 40 year paint warranty.  Some of the benefits of this paint system is it's  unsurpassed resistance to chalking and fading, combined with ease of maintenance and chemical resistance.

Our 24 gauge steel is stronger and thicker than our 26 gauge.  It has many more color and finish options.  One of those being the Cool Roof Colors.  These colors are registered with the Energy Star and are classified as cool roofing.  Cool Roofs can help reduce energy consumption by lowering cooling energy use.  Click on the tab to view the Cool Roof Colors or Architecteral Colors both available in 24 gauge. 


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