Tudor Brown Steel Roof on a home

Whether your home is a new construction, an existing home, a manufactured or mobile home, a cottage or garage each and every roof is expertly installed with top of the line products.  We want to ensure it will meet your complete satisfaction and give you a high quality maintenance free roof that will last a lifetime.

Our standing seam roofing company specializes in a snap lock system. This means that there are no exposed fasteners and virtually leak free.  Our company offers on site rollforming with our state of the art equipment. Rolling our own steel helps eliminate shipping damage, material waste, and costly job delays.  We use high quality 24 and 26 gauge steel with a non prorated paint warranty.  It is offered in a wide variety of colors with a Kynar paint coating that's available in high gloss, low gloss or metallic finishes. This coating is highly rated, resistant to fading, chalking and oil canning.   It is also Energy Star rated and can withstand any climate. 

Our expert installation process is guaranteed.  We pride ourselves on keeping up to date on the best products available and have strict installation guidelines.  We will explain everything thoroughly and include you in every part of the decision making process for your new roof.  This includes the decision to tear off or go over your existing shingles.  We will go over one layer of non damaged shingles.  If your shingles are damaged, moss covered or there are many layers we will discuss tearing them off.  Your existing roof deck will be inspected and any repairs needed will be fixed. Our standing seam steel roofs are attached directly to your roof deck.  This eliminates noise and makes your steel roof extremely dent resistant   Roof pipes will be sealed with a high quality roof boot. Chimneys and skylights will be properly flashed and sealed.  Skylights can also be eliminated if they are no longer desired or replaced if they are in need of an update. Existing roof vents will be eliminated.  Steel roofs are vented through specially manufactured ridge vents.  

We also offer the option of color matched snow guards that attach to the ribs of the standing seam panels with strong clamps.  These are not screwed or glued to the roof.  This will keep the snow from sliding off the roof in front of your garage door, entry way, deck or any other important areas around your home.

We are a family owned and operated company that believes in building a strong foundation of trust and integrity with our customers.  We strongly believe that our customers are our biggest advertisers. With our experience, knowledge and high quality standards we hope to leave you 100% satisfied and resting well under your water tight esthetically pleasing new steel roof. Best of all it will be maintenance free for a lifetime.  

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